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You can reach my via email at if you would like to request a quote or talk to me about working on a project.

The low down on Vinyl:
*The projects I do vary from small belt buckles to huge 16 room motel redesigns. I would love to hear about your project, and am always looking for new things to work on.
*I live and work in San Francisco, but will work anywhere in California for a small per diem cost.
*I own and operate on a Roland Vinyl cutter, and carry a consistent backstock of colors, however if I do not have the color you need I can order it for you.
*Most vinyl files are cut from Adobe Illustrator, however any solid image can be made into a vinyl decal, images with gradients are not compatible, but multi-color solid images are welcomed.
*Vinyl can stick to most flat surfaces, and some that it does not stick to so well (ie wood) can be prepped so that the vinyl will stick. Most vinyl is guaranteed to last for 5 years, but that time frame can be longer or shorter depending on the specifics of a situation.

*My hourly rate is 25$/hour, however for most vinyl projects I will provide a quote and charge a flat rate based on the cost of labor and materials.

Artist Statement:
Girls with four arms reach out for tapeworms. Tigers share beds with boys who have X's for eyes. Women birth seedpods that will bloom into plant babies. Conjoined twins blow fire. These characters wander through a dreamlike baroque landscapes, but are advised to proceed with caution. Immersed in the corners of these brightly wound spaces dangerous creatures and creations dwell. Mutation, insanity and disease are spying on the characters through an intricate lace curtain, thirsting for violence, enamored by the grotesque, craving the abnormal.

In my practice I delve into whimsically dark corners of the human mind. Attempting to cross unseen boundaries I allow my viewers to step into new realities and alternate dimensions. I draw interest and subject matter from pop-culture, the modern design world, the Victorian era, technology, and science.

Visuals in my work incorporate an excessive and intentional overuse of aesthetics pushed to the point of obsession. This landscape of excess allows the creation of a hybrid space where audiences can engage with taboo subject matter removed from terror or discomfort. My work does not attempt to draw conclusions, only to explore, and begin to come to terms with the disturbing tendencies inherent to the world in which I exist.

Primarily working with sequential prints, drawings, artist books, and creating installation based spaces; I create non-linear nested fictions that depict my alternate dimension. Adopting a 'Choose your own adventure', styled approach, I am fascinated by the notion that the process of defining meaning within a work of art can be a collaboration between creator and audience. I am constantly working to create and maintain this dynamic.

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