Stephanie Mansolf is an Artist, Designer, and Tech Devotee living and working San Diego California.

You can contact her via email at if you would like to request a quote for vinyl, discuss a project or exhibition opportunity, or provide intel on where you can find the best chocolate chip cookies in any city.

Artist Statement

Stephanie’s practice delve’s into whimsically dark corners of the human mind. Attempting to cross unseen boundaries Mansolf allow viewers to step into new realities and alternate dimensions. Drawing interest and subject matter from pop-culture, modern design, the Victorian era, technology, and science.

Visuals in Stephanie’s work incorporate an excessive and intentional overuse of aesthetics pushed to the point of obsession. This landscape of excess allows the creation of a hybrid space where audiences can engage with taboo subject matter removed from terror or discomfort. Mansolf’s work does not attempt to draw conclusions, only to explore, and begin to come to terms with the disturbing tendencies inherent to the world in which we exist.

Primarily working with sequential prints, drawings, artist books, and creating installation based spaces; Stephanie creates non-linear nested fictions that depict her alternate dimension. Adopting a ‘Choose your own adventure’, styled approach, she is fascinated by the notion that the process of defining meaning within a work of art can be a collaboration between creator and audience. Mansolf strives to create and maintain this dynamic.

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