Let Me Tell You ‘Bout The Bears And The Bee-z…

Most Beautiful Wedding Ever Jen Prather Caleb Ontiveros 2012
Weddings are always the most beautiful events. Ethereal atmosphere’s, lacy dresses, bouquets of flowers and immaculately displayed food, sounds pretty good huh? Not to mention the overlaying Romantic premise…

The tough part is finding that one special someone who you just have to spend the rest of your life with. About 6 years ago, my best friend Jen Prather was fortunate enough to meet her husband to be Caleb Ontiveros, while working at a summer camp in Santa Barbara California. This last month they decided to tie the knot in Santa Maria California.

If most weddings are inspiring to attend, the Prather-Ontiveros wedding was nothing short of Magical. Jen Prather is one of the most amazing artist’s I know, and she employed her creativity when planning her wedding, enabling it to be a truly semi-charmed event. I was lucky enough to be asked to be a bridesmaid in the wedding, and I got to be part of it all first hand. I would like to share some wonderful moments from their special day with you…

Most Beautiful Wedding Ever Jen Prather Caleb Ontiveros 2012

Jen and Caleb tied the knot at a family Ranch in Santa Maria California. A family member erected this amazing raw wood altar for them to stand under while they said their vows.

Most Beautiful Wedding Ever Jen Prather Caleb Ontiveros 2012

Jen thought of all the details, and every last inch of the property was adorned with lace, succulents, and whimsical remnants from the lives of the Bride and Groom.

Most Beautiful Wedding Ever Jen Prather Caleb Ontiveros 2012

Inspired by a display Jen saw in a store window in the Mission District of San Francisco, she made a slew of Gods Eye’s to adorn the Trees of the Ranch.

Most Beautiful Wedding Ever Jen Prather Caleb Ontiveros 2012

The happy couple are avid bikers, and chose to employ bike themed elements in their wedding. The Mother of the bride was inspired, and gave the bride and groom this sexy two seater bicycle as one of their wedding gifts.

Most Beautiful Wedding Ever Jen Prather Caleb Ontiveros 2012

We created a photo booth, where guests could take their photo by stepping on a pedal. Many sweet moments from the night were captured this way…

Most Beautiful Wedding Ever Jen Prather Caleb Ontiveros 2012

And of course there was dancing. Jen reached out to me and asked me to create vinyl decals to adorn the dance floor of her wedding. I based the designs off the imagery in their invitations, the color scheme,  the floral arrangements and my first hand knowledge of the happy couple.

Most Beautiful Wedding Ever Jen Prather Caleb Ontiveros 2012

The food was spectacular Santa Maria BBQ, these hand-made signs were created by drawing in chalk boards with chalk markers!

Most Beautiful Wedding Ever Jen Prather Caleb Ontiveros 2012

And last but certainly not least, there was my favorite part, the wedding cake and dessert…

I hope you found taking a peek at Jen’s wedding as Magical as I found it to attend. Check out the Gallery below to see more snapshots, and keep your eyes peeled for a post about making vinyl decals (for weddings and otherwise) coming soon!

Some of these lovely wedding photos were taken by the Talented Ken Kienow: http://www.kenkienow.com/

Stopping the presses at SFAI’s Graduate Open Studios

I have 1/4 of a Post Graduate Education, true story. A few years back I attended a MFA Printmaking program at California College of the Arts in San Francisco for 6 months. It turned out, that while I was a huge fan of Art and Print and making things, I was not a huge fan of Art School based MFA programs. After leaving my program, I decided instead to continue to make Art outside of academic institutions, and try to do things my own way.

Art, San Francisco, Graduate School

While an MFA Program was not the right path for me, there is definitely some pretty stellar work that comes out of such programs. It was my adoration of such Studio Art practices that brought me to the San Francisco Art Institute’s Graduate Open Studios Event a few weekends ago. It’s inspiring to attend events where I can gauge the pulse of the art world, and get excited about what folks are making and what is hot (as well as what is not!).

Art, San Francisco, Graduate School

As I mentioned earlier, I was a printmaking major during my time in Graduate School, and I have a very soft spot in my heart for creative, original, printmakers. At SFAI I was introduced to the work of Seul Hwa Eum. This lovely lady makes amazing etchings, artist books, and manipulates her prints in unique exciting ways. I was absolutely smitten by her prints that presented framed in wooden boxes shaped like houses. The scale and detail of some of her etchings was also very impressive. Her attention to detail betrayed how much time she spends creating her work, and how much she must love what she is doing. Taking square shaped prints presenting them in alternative ways that encourage viewer engagement seems very important to Seul, and she executes it well. These works were some of the most sincere innovative creations I’ve seen in awhile, I recommend you look up more of her work or visit her website!

Art, San Francisco, Graduate School

Using Typography is a tricky situation for most artists. It’s difficult to use type and not have it dictate the viewers interpretation of the piece in which it is situated. Like reading a book it discourages the viewer from looking deeper than the surface level of what the words communicate. Aware of the difficulty of such a practice, I was surprised by the work of Jon Gourly, an artist whose work primarily consisted of simply layed out Sans Serif text. His diptychs were simple yet clever, and his prints were laced with references to internet culture. Referencing memes and chat slang, he seems well aware of these influences. I find the intersections of traditional art practice and technology very intriguing, and I hope he can find a way to talk about these things that gives them new meaning.

Art, San Francisco, Graduate School

Kevin Tijerina’s work used a lot of found objects and unique materials, like glass bottles, and feathers. I enjoyed his collections and the meticulous way in which he arranged them. His practice was steeped in an old-timey aura, I would like to hear him explain his work, or read his artist statement to understand his deeper meaning. I felt as though I didn’t quite grasp what he was going for, but I liked what I was seeing.

Art, San Francisco, Graduate School

And last, but certainly not least there was the work of my dear friend Sarah Tell, yet another SFAI Printmaker. Sarah like Seun explored a large variety of presentation styles in her work, and I look forward to seeing what other ways she will find to present her prints. There seemed to be a theme of found objects and an obsession with old time memoribelia that was echoed between many of the artists at this event.

It goes without saying that there was also quite a bit of not quite up to part art school creations and creators floating around as well, but I was thrilled to find a few gems in this mess! Having experienced graduate school I always wonder how these artists will manifest in the real world post-grad school, hopefully a few of these folks will end up lifelong artists!

You can visit Seul’s website here:http://www.seulmin.com/
You can visit Jon Gourly’s website here: http://loungerjoy.com/home.html

Why The Bachelor’s Courtney Robertson is my hero

Courtney Robertson, Model, Red wine, The Bachelor, Ben Flajnik

Until a few months ago I had no idea who Miss Courtney Robertson was. Sure I’d probably seen her modelling work or what not, but truth be told she meant as much to me as a nicely cooked Steak, and I don’t even eat meat. Then one glorious day she stepped out of that limo and everything changed. My life became filled with weekly magic.
People tend to hate on The Bachelor for a slew of reasons, I get some pretty disgusted looks when I tell people it is one of my favorite shows, but c’mon! Where else am I going to find a bunch of vapid desperate women competing for the affections of some dude who is only remotely attractive if that.

Courtney Robertson, Fishing, The Bachelor

That is why Courtney Robertson is such a breath of fresh air. She’s candid, quirky, and bluntly honest, oftentimes to her own detriment. Courtney is hilarious, her observations, declarations, and actions have me falling out of my seat with laughter every week. True she is also mean and could care less about the other women on the show, but should we really be surprised by that? If you are competing for the affections of a dude in the ‘real world’ it is unnatural to befriend your competition, so why are Courtney’s words and actions so shocking in this hyper-competitive environment?

Courtney is competitive, but she’s on a freaking game show for goodness sakes, are her actions not justified? She is one of the only girls I’ve ever seen on Bachelor history who actually seems self aware of the situation she is in. Knowing that she is competing with a bunch of women, she shamelessly utilizes tactics like nudity, and toying with her mans emotions will keep him interested. Perhaps these strategies may come off as a bit slutty or manipulative in the real world, but she’s on reality TV, so these actions strike me as cunning and clever. Stunts like coordinating a secret skinny dipping rendezvous and orchestrating a faux wedding are brilliant moves on her part, ensuring her success in the seduction of one Ben Flajnik. Should Ben even think about choosing another one of the girls over Courtney he would have to deal with the aftermath of his fiance seeing these covert meetings between him and Miss Robertson after the fact. You’ve gotta admit, Courtney is good at playing the game, as she often points out with her frequent declarations of ‘Winning’.

At one point the other women all agree she is there for the wrong reasons because she tells them she wants Ben to send Emily home because Emily ‘treated her badly’. From this statement they conclude that she doesn’t care about Ben as much as they care about him, or as much as she cares about herself. This is such a silly off point conclusion, yes of course if someone treats you badly you don’t want to them end up with the guy you are interested in, and would prefer he sent them away and spent more time with you. It seems like basic common sense, since when is self preservation a deal breaker?

Courtney Robertson, Ben Flajnik, The Bachelor, Magazine Cover, US

Which brings me to my final point which is, if Ben is all that interested in Courtney he probably deserves a woman of her caliber. True Courtney may be flawed, but lets take a closer look at Ben because he’s kinda an asshole. Flajnik is condescending to a different girl every week, not to mention super arrogant, he quite clearly sees himself as not only worthy of, but entitled to the attention of many women simultaneously. Just to add a little insult to injury it is important to remember this dude also liked Ashley Hebert who has as much personality as a wet washcloth and is about as empathetic as Mitt Romney. Courtney also has very high self esteem and believes herself superior to her competitors, making her an excellent match for this cocky winemaker.

Not to mention that with her appetite for Crimson Vino, who would be a better match for this aging model than Ben Flajnik master of the cask. While I don’t know who will be unfortunate enough to end up with Flajnik, but I do know that I’ve got my eye on Courtney. Thank you for sharing your endless humor and sly plots week after week, This season of The Bachelor would be lost without you.

To check out my hero Courtney’s modeling website click here

While the light image editing was done by your truly, these images are ©abc or ©courtneyrobertson

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