Oh Deer, Oh Stag.


Or more precisely ‘Oh Deer, Oh Winged Stag‘! Last year I went on a weekend trip down to Santa Cruz California where I visited their amazing Arboretum and Botanical Garden. The Garden was simply overflowing with unique plant life, and I was very inspired by the rare flora and took some photos. Recently I was reminded of that visit, and referenced some of my photographs as source material when creating this drawing.

Have a Very Merry Skyrim Christmas

I can’t believe it’s December, 2013 has flown by. My darling dearest has been playing loads of Skyrim the past few months, on account of which our Christmas card this year features me inside a glass Christmas ball prison, being defended by a dragon, from which I need saving.

I hope your 2013 was fantastic, I can’t wait for all the magic that will be 2014!

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