Banners, Terrariums and Succulents, oh my!

This weekend the Renegade Craft Fair graced San Francisco with it’s frilly, floral, woodgrain hipster presence and drew all the crafty ladies and gentlemen to one place. An event like this always tends to strikes fear into my heart because I am concerned they are going to round us up all together and have a craft-ster apocalypse. Luckily this year our lives were spared.

So for starters, here is a photo of a breakfast I made on Saturday for my honey! Yum! Totally relevant to the topic at hand is it not?

My friend Kelly and I are always completely overwhelmed by this event, there is way too much awesome stuff that we don’t need, but can’t resist being smitten with. This year a few trends seem to be surfacing amongst the vendors. For instance, there were quite a few Terrariums with succulents floating around. Both succulents and terrariums are awesome, but unfortunately this is bad news for me because I have been wanting to start a succulent garden for like forever and now everyone is gonna have one. This one is from Stone & Honey :

There were loads of text banners making appearances this year, these one ones by Nice were my favorites:

Gnome Enterprises, who make amazing shirts, had a nice slightly more boyish interpretation of the banner idea:

I had to get a birthday present for a dear friend, after much confusion and deliberation I settled on this customized pencil set from Paper Pastries:


My friend Kelly ended up getting an awesome DIY embroidery kit from Emily at Tako Fibers that she is going to make for a friends wedding.

That’s all for this years craft-o-pocalypse. You can read more about the Renegade Craft Fair here.

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