Have a Very Merry Skyrim Christmas

I can’t believe it’s December, 2013 has flown by. My darling dearest has been playing loads of Skyrim the past few months, on account of which our Christmas card this year features me inside a glass Christmas ball prison, being defended by a dragon, from which I need saving.

I hope your 2013 was fantastic, I can’t wait for all the magic that will be 2014!

Donuts and Cherry Pie: We hosted a Twin Peaks themed Holiday Party

We decided we wanted to host a Holiday Party this year, but thought it was a bit generic to have it *just* be a holiday party so we wanted to give it a theme. Entirely coincidentally my boyfriend also recently gifted me the Twin Peaks Gold Collection complete DVD set, so we’d been watching an episode nightly and had become quite obsessed. These two entirely unrelated instances found each other as disparate but wonderful things often do, and pretty soon we were set on having a Twin Peaks themed Holiday Party.

For those of you who don’t know Twin Peaks is a murder mystery centric show set in a rural woodsy area outside of Seattle. While the show in and of itself never makes it to the holidays there are many elements that feel very festive and in keeping with the season, such as big giant pine trees, comfy sweaters, and an excess of treats like Dang Good Cherry Pie, loads of Coffee and Donuts.

When we sent out our evite everyone was like “Uh guys how do I prepare for attendance at a Twin Peaks themed holiday party, is there some sort of outfit for that or something?” to which we provided a variety of fun yet sarcastic responses that virtually told our guests nothing. We pretty much just said “bring yourself and any booze you would like to consume that we might not have” because that is what you say right?

So our guests showed up not knowing quite what to expect, this is where we came in as the host and hostess. In order to theme our party in a Twin Peaksy fashion we did the following things:

Twin Peaks Holiday Party
*We had a Twin Peaks Themed Snack & Treat Table with a variety of donuts (we chose Cruellers, Donut Holes and Old Fashioned Donuts and cut up the larger ones into smaller bite sized pieces for eating ease), Cherry Pie, Some homemade Gingerbread Cookies that were decorated with text reading RIP (*A word of warning, multiple attendees asked me if these cookies were poisoned on account of the text so while I continue to believe this is a cute idea it did deter people from eating said cookies*) and some delicious Salsa flavored Sunchips, mostly just because they are wonderfully delicious.

Twin Peaks Holiday Party Projection
We projected Twin Peaks onto a large screen with our projector for pretty much the entire duration of the party, which was fun but be careful! If not everyone at your party has seen the entire Twin Peaks series and you begin idly chatting about the show you run the risk of potentially leaking spoilers!

Lastly I made a “Twin Peaks” Banner out of Felt and Glitter that we hung above our Christmas Tree, and with a bit of tinsel, some christmas lights and plenty of spiked apple cider our Twin Peaks Holiday Party was in full swing! All in all it was a cozy party, and it was very special to see all our friends together. It made us feel super psyched and ready for the Christmas Season.

If you are thinking about throwing a similar soiree here are a few ideas I had for our Twin Peaks party that never came to complete fruition that may spark your fancy…
*Have some eyepatches for your guests to wear so they can take turns being Nadine Hurly.
*Have cutouts of Owls on the walls!
*Have a large cutout of Leland Palmer that your guests can take pictures with to commemorate the experience.
*Have a framed picture of Laura Palmers face so her memory can live on.

Things sure are getting Festive.

Steph Mansolf, Holiday, Christmas Tree

I’ve been feeling super psyched this holiday season. I’m not sure why, although I adore the holidays rarely do I invest such a potent stash of energy into celebrating them. I suppose a lot of exciting things have happened in my life this year and my consistent elation is translating into holiday bliss. I’m decorating our apartment like crazy, listening to christmas music all the time, buying loads of presents for the sweethearts in my life (and so on and so forth).

Since I can’t seem to shake that holiday spirit I decided to let it loose with a pencil and pen. The result of this sweet state of affairs turned out to be this festive self portrait of me falling off a ladder into a beartrap while decorating a Christmas tree.

Let this be a lesson to you all to be careful while decorating your home, also to try to keep your beartraps someplace safer than the center of the living room floor.

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