Things sure are getting Festive.

Steph Mansolf, Holiday, Christmas Tree

I’ve been feeling super psyched this holiday season. I’m not sure why, although I adore the holidays rarely do I invest such a potent stash of energy into celebrating them. I suppose a lot of exciting things have happened in my life this year and my consistent elation is translating into holiday bliss. I’m decorating our apartment like crazy, listening to christmas music all the time, buying loads of presents for the sweethearts in my life (and so on and so forth).

Since I can’t seem to shake that holiday spirit I decided to let it loose with a pencil and pen. The result of this sweet state of affairs turned out to be this festive self portrait of me falling off a ladder into a beartrap while decorating a Christmas tree.

Let this be a lesson to you all to be careful while decorating your home, also to try to keep your beartraps someplace safer than the center of the living room floor.

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